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Protect your outdoor plants

Plants not tolerating temperatures below 10°C should be taken to a sheltered location in September/October. Hibiscus and milkweed, for instance, start to lose their leaves when temperatures drop below 10 °C.

Light and cool or dark and cool?

You should keep one basic rule in mind when it comes to getting potted plants successfully through the winter: Everything without foliage, like fuchsia, angel’s trumpet or lantana, can be kept cool and in the dark during storage. As desert plants, agave plants can also be put in a dark place, however, they need at least some light. Prickly or spiny pot plants don’t require any further care in the winter. It is different with plants that aren’t defoliated like oleanders, passion flowers, geraniums, hibiscuses or bush violets. They need a light and cool place and should be regularly checked for bugs.

The THERMOPLUS™-Program offers ideal protection for potted plants:

  • Extra-strong fleece
  • UV-resistant, good light rransmission
  • Zipper
  • Double-layered bubble wrap
  • Protection against cold, snow, rain, hail and wind
  • Winter-hardy in a few minutes

  • The extra-strong fleece of the plant jacket is water-resistant. Due to its color, it still allows light to penetrate, which keeps your plants healthy.
  • Practical zip closure.
  • An additional draw-string closing mechanism protects plants from rising cold.
  • Velcro tape at the pot jacket guarantees foolproof handling.
  • Due to its sturdiness, longevity of the pot jacket is guaranteed even when in continuous use.
  • Double-layered bubble wrap protects sides from snow/frost, wind and rain.
  • A 4 cm polystyrene base with drainage holes protects potted plants from rising cold and waterlogging.